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Jun:24, 16:37 kuzukaze
I have the 90s series on DVD, have yet to get my hands on the 90s movies or the 70s movies. All treasures from my childhood
Jun:24, 10:09 deadkid_0
yall should watch Tales from The Crypt, that good EC stuff
Jun:24, 08:00 Panzermanathod
I have a bit of an idea how that feels.
Jun:24, 08:00 Panzermanathod
Kuzu I bought Odin Sphere for the PS2 about a month or 2 before the announcement of a remake.
Jun:24, 06:46 kuzukaze
regardless DJ, means if thats possible, then original series could follow right behind it....and hopefully not Xenosaga trilogy remastered...as I just caved in and bought them the cheapest I could find them after giving up on remaster possibility XD
Jun:24, 04:44 [Hero] D.j fx
Meh, The Original Trilogy was better and the Anime Hack Sign or something it's awhile ago.
Jun:24, 02:05 Panzermanathod
.hack was a series I wanted to try one day.
Jun:24, 02:05 Panzermanathod
Well, I'm buying that.
Jun:24, 00:19 kuzukaze
Jun:24, 00:19 kuzukaze
Jun:23, 15:05 Panzermanathod
As for Forces... well, it has create a character.
Jun:23, 15:05 Panzermanathod
It wasn't until 2002 that I actually owned Sonic 1 and 2. But as I said, I was never particularly nostalgic for them.
Jun:23, 15:00 Panzermanathod
I played a bit of 2, a bit of &Knuckles, and a bit of 3D blast. That's it.
Jun:23, 15:00 Panzermanathod
Mania looks good and all but it's mainly for people nostalgic for the old Sonic games, which do not apply to me because through the entirety of the 90's, despite owning a Genesis, I owned no Sonic games.
Jun:23, 14:57 Panzermanathod
I admit, I'm more interested in Forces than Mania.
Jun:23, 12:06 [Hero] D.j fx
When's Sonicmania coming anyway?
Jun:23, 11:43 kuzukaze
I have Sonic 1 on way too many platforms for the hell of it
Jun:23, 11:43 kuzukaze
I use emulators and roms for easy access, collections and re-releases for support.
Jun:23, 11:32 [Hero] D.j fx
meh. Emulators and Roms gives me my retro fix.
Jun:23, 09:36 kuzukaze
for reference
Jun:23, 09:36 kuzukaze
Jun:23, 09:35 kuzukaze
to commemorate Sonic's debut today, I'm buying Sega Forever version of Sonic 1 for Android and beating it on the clock at work.
Jun:22, 16:07 [Hero] D.j fx
F#$k Konami.., Who knows they might have mafia yakuza stuff.
Jun:22, 14:37 Panzermanathod
Jun:22, 14:37 Panzermanathod
Jun:22, 00:08 [Hero] D.j fx
Jun:21, 22:28 Panzermanathod
Again, I think someone is lying but the wiki doesn't confirm anything.
Jun:21, 22:28 Panzermanathod
And Suda 51 has, as far as I heard, stated that it wasn't based off of TP.
Jun:21, 22:28 Panzermanathod
Just that people have compared them to TP characters.
Jun:21, 22:27 Panzermanathod
Nothing on that wiki says DP's characters are based off of Twin Peaks.
Jun:21, 21:04 [Hero] D.j fx
Jun:21, 21:04 [Hero] D.j fx
I checked the wiki it's based characters from Twin Peaks.
Jun:20, 22:30 Panzermanathod
Deadly Premonition was in no way inspired by Twin Peaks, says Suda as most of us think he or someone else is lying.
Jun:20, 22:17 [Hero] D.j fx
Let's not forget Deadly Premonitions, I never played it before -_-
Jun:20, 22:13 [Hero] D.j fx
Jun:20, 15:01 Panzermanathod
One of the known influences of Silent Hill is Twin Peaks.
Jun:20, 11:12 [Hero] D.j fx
Jun:20, 11:07 [Hero] D.j fx
There's some scenes in Twin Peaks reminds me of Silent Hill.
Jun:20, 10:20 Panzermanathod
I will watch Season Three, eventually.
Jun:20, 08:08 kuzukaze
I watched Creepshow and Tales from the Darkside more
Jun:20, 08:07 kuzukaze
I've never watched or even heard of it until it was renewed for a new season


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